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Doug Williams

Oil Painting

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Since I could hold a crayon, I’ve always enjoyed making art. When I was growing up, my family lived in Germany where art was an important part of German schooling. I was also fortunate to visit many international art museums as a boy. I was voted “Best Artist” in high school (Hershey, PA). Although I studied oil painting during college, I eventually focused on a career as a clinical psychologist. Since retiring in 2020, my wife (Ginny) and I enjoy traveling and spending time with family. I also have more time to devote creative pursuits, including outdoor (plein air) and studio oil painting.

Artistic Process

My artistic process is constantly evolving. Plein air painting helps me to sharpen observations of values and colors. From my psychology background, I have an interest in visual perception. Over the years, I’ve taken several workshops and classes, including studying with David Lussier, Stapleton Kearns, Hollis Dunlop, Tom Lynch and William Simpson. In my artwork, I strive for a “painterly” quality that pushes toward abstraction. I build texture in the paintings by applying paint with brushes and palette knives.


Granby Land Trust Show
East Granby Library Show

For more information, lease visit my website at:

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