Scholarship Fund

In an effort to further maintain our mission for promoting art education within our community, the GMHS Art Scholarship Fund was created in 2013.  This scholarship is funded directly from donations received for this purpose throughout the year.

GAA Previous Scholarship Winners:

 Molly Jacobs

 Devin Williams

 Casey Gajewski

 Olivia McDougal

 Meaghan Leonardi

Brian Boyle

Arin Mikalonis

CONGRATULATIONS 2021 Scholarship Winner:

Elena Speliopoulos

Granby Arts Association Certificate Photo_edited.jpg

2021 Scholarship Presentation
Given to Elena Speliopoulos June 11, 2021


My name is Wendy van Welie, co-President of Granby Artists Association.

A segment of the mission of Granby Artists Association is to support arts education within our Granby community.

Part of this support is awarding an annual scholarship to a senior graduating from Granby Memorial High School who plans to pursue the study of visual arts in a 2 or 4 year degree program.

This year’s recipient has shown promising growth in their skills and understanding. Although Covid-19 has been very challenging for all students, this year’s recipient has contributed to their school and community in many ways. We believe that they will be an asset to their new university community.

Granby Artists Association is happy to award our 2021 Scholarship to Elena Speliopoulos and wish Elena great success in the honors program at the University of Hartford’s Art School.

Congratulations Elena!

Granby Artists Association 2022 Scholarship Application Form

If you are a graduating senior of Granby Memorial High School and plan to pursue the visual arts in a 2- or 4-year college degree program you are cordially invited to apply for the Granby Artist Association 2021 annual scholarship. The scholarship is a cash award of $500 given to a student of higher artistic skill to be utilized toward upcoming college expenses. 



The student must be Granby Memorial High School senior expecting to graduate at the conclusion of the current school year with acceptance to college degree program or further educational programming with the intent of continuing your pursuit in the visual arts. Family members of the Granby Artists Association exhibiting artist members are not eligible for awards given by the Granby Artists Association. 


Application Process: 

To apply, eligible students should submit a letter of intent to Tracy Marlor at by May, 2022.

Consider including a brief overview of how you became interested in the arts, your inspirations, aspirations, any awards or achievements, or whatever information you believe will enable GAA to better know you as an artist. Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number in your letter. Lastly please share your college of choice and future educational goals. 


Please include a portfolio of 5 jpg images that you feel best represent you as an artist, along with a brief description of the 5 pieces submitted and why you chose these to represent you. 


Your letter and portfolio will be posted in a private email forum accessed only by Granby Artists Association exhibiting artist members. Submissions are juried by the exhibiting artist members and the scholarship awarded based upon the quality of your work represented in the five-image portfolio, and how your experiences and achievements have built towards your future educational goals contained within your letter of intent. 


With questions please contact: Tracy Marlor at 


I look forward to receiving your application!