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Watercolor, Pastel, Oil, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Wood

Stuart C. Browning



Lou Cherichetti

Watercolor, Oils, Pastels

Carole Hartwell

Welcome to our new member, George Mattingly who specializes in oils.

George Mattingly

Proud Co-Owner of 

Silver Street Glass llc

Annukka Ritalahti

Owner of B Designs Landscape

Architecture & Chainsaw Carving

Barb Schmitt

Art that is a part of the culture of a group of people, skills and knowledge of which are passed down through generations from master craftsmen to apprentices’.

Anne Winsor

"It is the artist’s mission to reveal natural beauty through the expression of our particular chosen medium."

Robert Burns

Proud Co-Owner of 

Art of Lamp

Unique lamp sculpture art

Jean-Luc Goddard

Exquisite Fine Art

Watercolor & Oil Paintings 

Pam Jones

"Landscapes, interiors, children at play and capturing the likeness of a beloved pet is very rewarding."

Rosemarie Mendes

Exquisite Fine Art

Watercolor Paintings and Fimo

Sally Sargent Markey

Fine Art Jewelry

Kate Wells-Snyder

"I make functional stoneware pottery, wheel thrown and hand built."

Linda Yurasevecz

Proud Owner of 

Honey Hill Pottery

Original & exquisite Pottery since 1965

Avis Cherichetti

Proud Co-Owner of 

Silver Street Glass llc

Mark Gottlieb

Unique functional pottery designs with beautiful florals and nautical themes

Tracy Marlor

Proud Owner of 

Calligraphy Design Studio

Classes, commissions, and art

Debby Reelitz

Abstract 3D acrylic on 
wood carving

"The serendipity of randomness reveals the beauty of the art."

Bill Scheel

Proud Owner of

Indigo Images Photography Studio

Creating Custom Portraits

since 2000

Wendy van Welie