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Gary Ebersole

Charcoal and Pen/Ink Drawings

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Gary has worked in advertising, display and exhibit design, website project planning and the IT industry.
Born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Gary earned a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University.  He started his graphic design career in an advertising agency in Lancaster, then moved to Baltimore Maryland where he began designing in the display and exhibit industry over the next 18 years, eventually starting and running his own graphic design/display and exhibit company.
Gary moved to West Granby, Connecticut in 2005, selling his business and began working in IT and Systems Management.  In 2018, Gary made the decision to leave IT and return to his creative roots.  He started drawing again and currently works in charcoal, with horses as a primary subject matter.  He is open to exploring other mediums and techniques and is extremely excited about this next chapter in his creative story.

Gary Ebersole

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