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Avis Cherichetti


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Avis Cherichetti
Avis has been an active potter for 40 years exploring various ceramic techniques. Starting to study pottery at Stetson University in 1961 she found the medium that would demand her devotion. She produces hundreds of stoneware pieces each year that are designed for everyday use.  For these careful attention is given to durability and function as well as beauty.  The range of this work includes single items such as lamps, teapots, bowls, mugs and plates as well as entire wedding registries.

If one word could describe Avis’ work it would be the word “Diverse." She makes some pots that are meant to be used and pots that are nonfunctional. She makes pots for birds and flowers and pots for people and pets. Some of Avis’ pots are completely decorative. A 2015 solo show Clay on the Wall featured over 150 objects from sculpture to mirrors to clocks that came out of the cupboards and off the pedestals to hang on the wall. Any of Avis’ pots might be high temperature fired stoneware or lower temperature fired Raku or Saggar pieces.

Avis has taken and continues to take numerous workshops and classes as she proceeds in her adventure in clay. She enters many regional shows where she sometimes wins prizes.
She has made hand built pots and pots on the potter's wheel. She has fired her pots in electric, gas and oil fueled kilns as well as pits, saggars and trash cans. As she continues to design and refine the objects that she makes, she finds a rhythm and joy in life.  As each pot is finished it seems to be the starting point of the next piece.

Diversity in the studios used is very much part of Avis’ process. She has a studio at home at Honey Hill Farm, Granby, CT., fires frequently at Alison Palmer’s Community Soda Kiln and also participates in a pottery cooperative called Expressions Pottery Workshop, E. Granby, CT where she taught adult classes for 23 years.

Avis was awarded a 2002 Individual Artist Fellowship from the Greater Hartford Arts Council, Hartford, CT, the 2008 Teddy Goberis Award for Excellence in Ceramics Norwich Arts Center, 2009 Austin J. McNey Memorial Award in Granby Land Trust Show and 2019 Second Prize in Mixed Media East Granby Library Show.  She is represented in the permanent collection of the Slater Museum, Norwich, CT.

Granby Artists Association, Inc., Granby, CT -
Expressions Pottery Workshop, E. Granby, CT -
Women Artists Collective -

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